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I originally began writing Zuzu’s Petals: A True Story of Second Chances to help others understand the depth of suffering that accompanies a long-term stay in the intensive care unit, and to offer encouragement to those in similar situations.  But the longer it took me to put my story on paper (nine years to be exact), the more time I had to reflect on the impact that hundreds of people—nurses, doctors, blood donors, family members, and friends—had had on my life—not only saving it, but forever changing it. You see, nearly dying actually taught me how to live, and with this shift in perspective and priorities came an overwhelming sense of gratitude. And that gratitude demanded expression. 

I began by hosting a grassroots campaign to thank nonprofit blood centers, which then evolved into an eight-year national speaking tour with fundraisers benefiting America’s Blood Centers, the Preeclampsia Foundation, and Project Education Sudan. Through the hundreds of talks I gave, I began to understand the power that storytelling could have in inspiring others to turn their compassion into action.

With that in mind, Zuzu's Petals has a unique author-publisher agreement in place to donate at least ten percent of the publisher’s selling price to causes related to my story—blood donation, preeclampsia research and education, access to clean water in southern Sudan, and support for families dealing with medical crises.

With love, light, and laughter…