Hello, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

I launched this site to share some of my mobility stories, advice, experiences and opinions after receiving quite a few emails from pals along the lines of “I have a friend who’s about to get (fill in the blank) replaced. You willing to talk to him?”

Why do I get these requests? Likely because I’m on my own rather dramatic, if not absurd, “orthopedic adventure!”

At least that’s what I call it on my good days, when pain levels are low and physical progress is discernible. On my bad days…oy. Things can get pretty dark, especially with all the meds, pain, and uncertainty involved in total joint replacements. Fortunately, over time, the good days started to outnumber the bad days. (Take that, bad days!)

Funny, but I used to be so damned smug about my health. Until my body fell apart during the birth of my first (and last) child, now an awesome young woman in college. I wasn’t expected to survive that ordeal, but I’m a stubborn Jersey Girl, so after six weeks in the intensive care unit I was sent home to begin anew. The price for said survival is ongoing medical challenges, most notably a severe and premature degeneration of my major joints, complicated by a nasty autoimmune disease.

Over time, my pain levels increased as my mobility levels decreased. And all the while I was in deep denial – for years! (see: stubborn, above)

When I finally admitted that all the kale juice and water jogging in the world wouldn’t make it possible for me to take a simple stinkin’ walk again, I accepted the truth of my circumstances and began the process of becoming bionic: 4 total joint replacements within 19 months – an ankle, a shoulder, and two knees (with more replacements to come).

I suspect if you’ve read this far, you’re likely on your own orthopedic adventure with mobility, or the lack thereof. I hope you find the stories I share – as a patient, not a medical professional – helpful. At the very least, I hope they help you feel that you are not alone. Because feeling alone and in pain and broken, quite frankly, sucks. I know. I’ve been there. I’m still there. Because this adventure I’m on is far from over. But I’m not giving up. And I hope you won’t give up either.

Keep the faith.

Keep the optimism.

Keep the humor.

Dork Alert!

11 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Well done, baby child o’ mine! Your writing continues to come from your heart. In today’s chaotic world, we need people like you who speak truthfully yet also inspire us to reach out to others…and love and laugh more. Write on!!

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